Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let us Discuss Downtown Portland

Seems every article I read in the Bee or see on the TV about Sacramento Regional Transit mentions something about Portland, Oregon's Public Transportation and what steps they took to whitewash their downtown "common" areas, especially those areas centered around or adjacent to a public transit bus stop or train platform.

What a comparison!

So.....I did a half ass job of researching exactly what makes Sacramento just like Portland!

Lets compare populous-

  • Portland, Oregon= 545,140 source
  • Sacramento, California=454,330 source
Wow, that is a difference of only 90,810 people! Man, that's some trivial shit huh?

Now, just for a visual interpretation lets compare Portland's pedestrian mall to Sacramento's pedestrian mall.....

Portland, Oregon

Cathedral Square, Sacramento

You might be asking yourself what the difference is, besides the obvious.

Ray Kerridge is the difference.

Yeah, teh Ray Kerridge that was the Asst. City Manager in Portland who just happens to be the City Manager here in Sacramento. I truly feel that his method has a madness. That madness will make Downtown a better place to live rather than commute to.

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