Wednesday, May 30, 2007

St. Rose of Lima Light Rail Station....Soon to be "Greyhound Light Rail Staion"

Lets talk about spurring "Economic Growth" along the K Street Mall. Some genius burried somewhere along the long and narrow halls of Sacramento City Hall seems to think that moving the light rail station on K Street near St. Rose of Lima Park around the corner to 7th Street, closer to L Street will be the catalyst to Tiffany & Co. setting up shop on K Street.

For me, as a light rail driver this presents some challenges.

Where the current station is situated, I can look in my mirrors and see the entire length of the train stretching across 8th Street. Which also means that I can see if some wayward asshat pedestrian has decided to jump across the couplers because they are too impatient to wait out the 20 seconds that I block the intersection so they can get an ice cream cone at Rite Aid.

The new station location (heh, that rhymed) means that I am going to stop my train on a curve. Yes, a curve. Basically, all I can see is the first car and part of the second car. With a four car train I would not be able to see dick going on around the last 2 cars.

Sound safe?

Mmmm, not so much.

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Central City said...

I cant think of a more assanine idea .

The station is perfect where it is and lends an automatic busy / gathering point the foot of the DTP .

A complete waste of city resources

midtownmark said...

I strongly disagree. The station is not "perfect" where it is. It's a really bad set up right now that discourages use other than RT. Downtown's K Street is more than just a place to catch the train. This section of K Street is really bad because it is turned into a hang out for riders who have nothing better than hang out and show off. It's the best move the city has made regarding the K Street Mall in years!

BTW I do not think that being a RT driver gives you any more creditability than others onthis issue -including your bosses.