Monday, June 4, 2007

California Capital AirShow

Upon us again this year is the second annual California Capital Airshow at Mather Field in Rancho Cordova.

If you were lucky enough to have actually made it off of Highway 50 and into the Air Field last year you no doubt enjoyed one hell of a show. In an effort to avoid the traffic nightmare that resulted last year just ride RT. I know, the majority you have had your automobile surgically attached to one or more appendages on your body, but just for once leave the car in the driveway.

If you purchased tickets for the Air Show ahead of time, the ride to and from the event aboard light rail and bus is FREE!

Board any of Regional Transit's 44 Light Rail Stations from North Sacramento, South Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, College Greens and yes.....Folsom.

Yeah, nothing is better than free!

Imagine upwards of 50,000 people trying to exit at Mather Field Rd. over the few hours leading up to the show......

Now imagine that you and your family are not among them!! Lovely thought I know.

If you have never taken RT, or have and know someone who has not, please encourage them to give it a try. In addition to extra bus service and 4 car trains, RT will have folks crawling all over the Mather Field Mills station to steer people in the right direction, answer any questions and ensure that the ride from the train to the bus to the show is seamless.

Click any of the links in RED for detailed info about using RT to get to the show. I would post what they have up now, but odds are the details will change the closer we get to the Air Show.

Do this:

Photo by Scupper

Not this:


Anonymous said...

Great post. Readers should know, there are also parks within the Villages of Zinfandel where it's possible to sit and watch the air show without a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that you miss all of the ground show. :(

scupper said...

hey that pic looks familiar