Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Policing Public Transit

"Police first must develop a reliable method for measuring important statistics that accurately relate the condition of the transit system in terms of security. These strategic measurements should be broad-based enough to provide a picture of the security needs of the entire system and take into account subjective assessments by passengers of transit security. With this information, police and transit authority officials can develop specific proactive strategies to enhance security throughout the transit system. The ultimate goal should be to make riders feel safe by ensuring that they are safe."

Kurt R. Nelson, F.B.I Law Enforcement Bulletin, January 1997

In a previous post, I less than eloquently pontificated about the environment on Sacramento Regional Transit light rail trains and buses as it relates to me, the driver/operator.

Remembering that as a youngster I took advantage of RT throughout my wonder years, and I have family and close friends who rely on the system everyday, I want to share my .0000000002 cent's on the "State of Safety" throughout our lovely public transit system.

My observation of Regional Transit Protection Services is this-

Ineffective, Inept, Lacking accountability, Zero oversight, Did I mention lacking Accountability?

"If the level of crime and disorder becomes so high that it has a measurable impact on the public's perception of safety, the number of riders will decrease either on the entire system or on specific routes or lines."

Kurt R. Nelson, F.B.I Law Enforcement Bulletin, January 1997

Wow, pretty simple if you think about it. Ensure that people "feel" safe when riding the transit system....and when they feel safe, they tell their neighbors, and then their neighbors tell others and so it goes....

Ridership increases, and I become more as a passenger are conceptually safer.

Conceptual reality is nice, it pacifies us.

Pacification only goes so far.

Contact your local elected member of the RT Board of Directors should you have any questions or concerns, these folks direct policy.....

Policy affects everyone who depends on RT for service.

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