Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bumpy, Hard, and Yellow....Think Safety, not STD!

Have you ever wondered what the bumpy yellow tiles are that line each side of the platform at Light Rail Station's throughout the system in Sacramento?

I'm sure you have, so here it is.....

No, they are not just so you have something bright and shiny to improve your outlook on life, and they are certainly not to massage the bottom's of your bare feet. What they are intended to accomplish is to keep you and your children from getting smacked by a train. Although I have never been bumped, pushed or otherwise made contact with a train other than driving one I can assure you it hurts.

Real bad.

Please, save my sanity and possibly save your life. Stand behind the Yellow Safety tile until the train comes to a complete stop.

For all my 16th Street peeps, this means you.

1 comment:

Argus said...

Hilarious my friend and truly frightening!