Monday, June 11, 2007

Natomas, Holla!

What's up North Natomas?

Being in the employ of Sacramento's principle Public Transit Agency, I often talk to commuters from neighborhoods, cities and towns that stretch from Amador County to El Dorado County to San Jaoquin County and back again.

Funny thing is, folks from other Counties that surround Sacramento are not the folks who's queries puzzle me more than the denizens of North Natomas. Not puzzling because they are from North Natomas, not puzzling because they all work downtown, but puzzling in a puzzled kind of way.

Currently, 3 Regional Transit bus routes serve the Natomas Community. 3 routes. Statistics from 2005-2006 show a populous of 67,000 residents.

If that figure is correct, there's alotta them their people in Natomas.

I'm all for expanded service in and out of Natomas. I guess it all boils down to funding priorities, and it would appear that Natomas is not much of a priority at this point unless you count the Downtown-Natomas-Airport Light Rail extension which will never see the light of day.

In the meantime, check out "The Flyer"

I was astonished to discover that the North Natomas TMA has their very own local shuttle service. I'm glad that Natomas has transit options not provided by RT, but I am also a little twisted because myself or one of my brother or sister operators might have an opportunity for expanded choice for work. Natomas win's because they get RT, we win because we have more to choose from in terms of hours and routes.

So, in short I am asking people who happen to reside in Natomas how they feel about options for transit in their own backyard.

Fire Away!

Am I the only one that wanted to throw my TV out the window after last nights climactic end to the Sopranos?

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