Monday, June 25, 2007

"You grinned, then winked at me in the mirror as I reached for the button to open the door..."

I did?

Transitarians can be a fickle bunch. I received a complaint today, in the most official way possible in my opinion.

The person responsible for making me aware of said complaint was not a supervisor...but the passenger herself!

"You grinned, then winked at me in the mirror as I reached for the button to open the door..."

Funny thing is that I didn't do it! No, really I didn't do it. This rider even went as far as to board on the senior & disabled ramp my next trip through to make sure she was able to give me a piece of her mind. Fair enough, after all I am a public servant and she seemed sweet enough so I just listened and apologized....and smiled the whole time and swore I would never do it again.

Lets dissect this situation-

She was wearing eye glasses with lenses thicker than the makeup my baby sister applies to her face with a paint gun. Sorry for generalizing, but I wonder how far she can actually see?

But I digress....

More often than not, I can barely make out the man or woman driving the train headed in the opposite direction that I am when we pass...and the windshield glass is transparent. The windows that are on the left and right side of where I sit are tinted pretty dark, helps keep me cool in the heat which generally makes me a happier train driver. Couple the darkly tinted windows with a pull down sunshade (I can see out, but the sun barely comes in) I wonder how she saw anything at all? I grinned and winked? And she saw all of that while looking at my reflection in the mirror attached to the side of the train?

Let's assume she is right, and I actually did what she said (I would be a total liar if I said I never pulled a stunt like that once or thrice, accidentally of course). I find her approach rather cavalier, considering the reputation some RT Drivers have with the passenger populous. In fact, I am kicking myself as I write because I did not thank her properly for personally addressing me about her gripe.

Next time I see her, I will thank her properly...Grin and point her to "How to Complain about Sac RT Drivers"

I hope she can see the letters on her key board.


John said...

"You grinned, then winked at me in the mirror as I reached for the button to open the door..."

Ah, the famous train driver trick of waiting until the passenger is just about to reach the button and then, with an evil grin clearly visible in the side mirrors, lurching out of the station, leaving the poor wretch seething at the station.

Happens a million times a day. Or not.

But I find your story a bit odd.

According to your narrative, the rider first saw you wink and grin and THEN she raced up the ramp and to the front car door so she could address you directly. Right?

Now, this is a lady with some very interesting ideas on how to meet train drivers.

Jon Q. RT Driver said...

She caught be on my next trip through. On Sundays, after a certain time of day the driver keeps the same train for the duration. I read it again, and your right...a bit off, but it was 1:40 something in the morning (-: