Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Watt/I-80 Bound Train, The Next Stop will be 16th Street

No sweeter sound can be heard, with each station she reminds me how close I am to a "potty" break.

Cammie Winston is the voice of Sacramento RT on Light Rail trains.

Not so long ago, Cammie also announced the transfer point at 16th Street Station inbound & outbound. Basically, passengers arriving at 16th Street who were traveling to destinations outside of the CBD (Central Business District) were informed so by Cammie at least 2 times before my train rolled into 16th Street on inbound and outbound trips.

Not anymore.

Seems that Cammie's lovely voice irked some of the denizens along the R Street corridor, so now you have to endure my voice.

Let me be the first to say, my voice over the PA system we use aboard trains is horrible. I'm a twenty something year young guy....over the PA I sound like a 40 year smoker with a limp and 10% of my vocal chords.....Unless you are dicking around and delaying my schedule....I roar like a Lion-

My point is, I want Cammie back. I miss her.

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