Saturday, June 30, 2007

Using the Senior & Disabled Ramp at Light Rail Stations-Common Sense rules...unless you are Hell on Wheels.

First, did you notice that they are called "Senior & Disabled" ramps??

The ONLY reason for the existence of these ramps at Light Rail Stations in addition to kneeling buses with wheelchair lifts & ramps is all about accessibility for passengers with disabilities, or senior citizens who still maintain independence, but may not move fast enough to board a train or have the agility to climb stairs on a bus .

Let us also remember RT's commitment to ADA Compliance, and trust me, ADA compliance is a huge deal at RT.

Secondly, I have read no rule that says if you board my train using the "Senior & Disabled" ramp that you need to be a complete shit head. are my step by step instructions on how to use the "Senior & Disabled" ramp.

I'll start with the rarest of boardings on the "Senior & Disabled" ramp....Wheelchairs! No shit, I board more walk on's and baby momma's on the ramp than I do wheelchairs...go figure.

The most important thing to remember is not to be drunk. Simple request maybe, but give me an effing you really need to be off your marbles on 4 bottles on Thunderbird wine by 11 A.M? Odds are if your drunk I will leave you. If you start talking drunken shit to me, I will most certainly leave you. When you are on the ramp with 2 other wheel chairs, play nice with your wheeled comrades. I don't like moderating a 4 wheeled battle royale, and I know you like that prime spot behind the drivers door or close to the aisle. Tough shit. You wheel yourself to the location I politely direct you to. This is for your good and the other 300 passengers on the train. And almost as important as not being drunk is knowing how to operate your 200 horsepower wheel chair. Please, Please, Please, learn to drive your chair. When you do a swan dive off the platform into the street at 9th & K, I promise to not say "I told you so", while muttering something about hell on wheels under my breath.

Wheelchair passengers are easy street compared to baby momma, daddy, and the assorted children that accompany them....especially around the 1st and 15th of the month. Don't get me wrong, I know you have 3 kids, a stroller that carries 1 maybe 2 of them babies and that your man is probably in jail or sleeping with your sister. But rules is rules. If I have to follow them, you have to follow them.

They are spelled out, in simple English..

Learn it, Love it and Live it.

Start walking, buy a Wagon or bail your man out of County.

Bottom line is I don't want to hear it। I used to be sympathetic, and now I'm not

Read the sign posted at the ramp...If you are illiterate, it's cool...because too many people in Sacramento are in the same boat you are. Ask and me, and I shall tell you.

"You have 15 minutes to figure out what you want & where you want to go."

Train 5 proceeding.......

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