Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Don't tell my Grandma I'm a Bus Driver, She think's I'm a Piano Player at a Whorehouse

When I transitioned from "young adulthood" to an *actual* Adult, I was in a state of delusion, desperation and grandeur . What to do? Who will hire me? Am I qualified? I'm gonna run this Biatch!! Will I eff up?

Well, I managed to accomplish all of the above.

I hopped a few jobs, leaving one for another that I was convinced would be better than the last. Sometimes that was the case, but more often than not it was a myriad of broken promises, double speak and my personal indiscretions.

Learn a few things or five I did, but never did I anticipate that I would end up in the employ of Sacramento Regional Transit.

When I told Gram's that was hired at RT, her first question was if we still use those nifty belt mounted change thingy's. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked her to tell me about what public transit was like in Sacramento when she was my age.

Gramma started out talking about the old California State Fairgrounds, which used to be in Oak Park at Stockton Blvd. and Broadway. It's now a Jack in The Box, Check Cashing Store, Chinese Restaurant and the sprawling UC Davis Medical Center Campus. More specifically, she mentioned "Joy Land".

Way back when, Joy Land was the only game in town for entertainment in Sacramento. The proximity to the Central City coupled with access via Street Cars made Joy Land a viable and long lasting tradition in Sacramento.

Until the Street Car lines were abandoned and tore up in favor of the Automobile.

Gramma remembers when Street Car's rumbled up and down Broadway, 4th Avenue, J Street and 10th Street ushering eager Sacramentan's to where they wanted to go.

Funny how history repeats itself. In Sacramento, the powers that be have struggled to recognize and keep up with the popularity and demand for Light Rail.

History will be repeated over and over again, but I hope that we look at the past as a basis for future solutions.

My Grandmother will be 79 tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Grandma.

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